Media Studies


“The UK screen industries contribute around £7.7bn to the economy annually and are the UK’s fastest growing sector, currently employing 80,000 people. The UK is home to some of the world’s leading production houses and facilities, with a global reputation for creativity, innovation and technical excellence. The UK’s creativity continues to draw international acclaim.”

Creative Media Skills

Whether you are looking to pursue a career in one of the most diverse and popular industries in the UK or you just have an interest in the media and enjoy being creative, you will find an abundance of opportunities, both in and out of school, that will enable you to enrich and develop your knowledge and interest.  


One of the most important ways to show universities and future employees that you have a passion for the media is to make media products. It is even more valuable to be part of a team as this shows a wider range of skills such as the ability to collaborate and to meet deadlines.  

With these goals in mind, the Media Department has introduced SURREEL, new and exciting Media Marketing and Production Company open to students from years 11-13. SURREEL offers a range of services within the school including the filming of events, the creation of video content as requested, promotional videos as well as promotional artwork. 

If you have an interest in the media and are keen to develop your production and marketing skills, this is the club for you. Examples of roles available include: 

  • Script writers 
  • Reporters 
  • Presenters 
  • Film crew 
  • Editors 
  • Artwork editor 

 If you are in years 7-10 and would be interested in getting involved then please contact Ms Bohitige ( as there may be other ways in which you can be involved.   


It is important to be engage with a range of media texts that go beyond your own personal interest. By doing this you will gain a greater understanding of context and of debates linked to the industry itself and the impact that may have on other industries. A valuable starting point is to follow a range of media organisations and news channels in order to keep up to date with the many changes happening in the industry.  


Warner Bros Studio Tour is almost on our doorstep (Leavesden, Hertfordshire) so why not book a visit to the making of Harry Potter. Visit the site to book your tickets – Warner Bros Studio Tour  

BBC Shows and Tours offer a 90 minute behind the scenes tour and costs under £10 per person. The London studios are currently closed but the studio tours in Birmingham are open. 

ITV Tours offer a range of tours. 

BFI Southbank has a library and cinema with various events running through the year – Check out the website for a range of information and lists of upcoming events.  

Watch a film on the big screen. The BFI IMAX at Waterloo has the biggest cinema screen in England and is great cinematic experience so make it an even more amazing experience the next time you see the latest blockbuster.  

Science and Media Museum in Bradford is free and has seven floors of galleries, research facilities and three cinemas. 

BBFC is a good site to visit to help you understand how films are classified. For a more interactive experience, visit CBBFC you can have a go at rating films based on the content.  

BBC Writers Room offers you a chance to find out more about script writing. This is a great place to start if you want to build on your creative writing skills.  



Be an audience member for a television show. This is a great way to see how a stage is set, cameras are positioned and how filming happens. When the programme is aired on television, you will be able to reflect on the editing process and how meaning is made. Some shows have age restrictions but all tickets are free. Once you sign up to the company you can apply for a range of shows including X Factor, Top Gear, The Graham Norton Show and Strictly Come Dancing. Do make sure you arrive early as the ticket confirmation does not guarantee entry (they will have over offered tickets to ensure all seats are filled on the day). 

The main companies to sign up with are Applause Store, SRO and Lost in TV and BBC Shows. 

Applause Store 

SRO Audiences 

Lost In TV 

BBC Shows 


“The value of summer courses is something many people take for granted, as it is an opportunity to enrich and develop your skills outside of the classroom giving you a head start for the new year. Tom – Year 13 Media Studies Student. 

Future Learn offer a range of online courses throughout the year so are a great option for exploring new subjects. I highly recommend these.  

Young Film Academy is an official London delivery partner for the BFI Film Academy and they run a range of courses throughout the year, so it is worth looking at their website to see what courses are coming up. 

Creative Media Skills run a number of non-residential courses at Pinewood Studios so if you want to be a film producer / director or writer, a costume designer, a special effects make-up artist, a hair stylist, a screen actor or stuntman, then check this site to see what is on offer.   

Study the subject at A level. Media Studies is open to students in the 6th Form. You will follow the Cambridge International Exam which combines analytical and creative learning.   


Sharing creative work can be quite daunting for some, however I’d say by taking that step and not being afraid to express your creativity, you are boosting not only your confidence but also your abilities. Tom – Year 13 Media Studies Student. 

We are always keen to see how students engage with the media so share your work with us.  Whether you have made a film, game, documentary, photographed an event or a written a review of something you have enjoyed, please share it with me, Ms Bohitige ( See a range of examples of students production work on our YouTube site – Berkhamsted Media.