The study of Government & Politics has never been more relevant; in an era of ‘fake news’ you will be equipped with the skills necessary to determine fact from fiction. Studying Politics will allow you to navigate a world of ceaseless arguments and limitless information with confidence.

Politics is a non-traditional discipline, only available to study formally in the Sixth Form. Studying Politics at A-Level and/or university can lead on to a wide range of future careers. These include consultancy, law, government, politics, charities, military, academia, media, or teaching. The enrichment opportunities at Berkhamsted reflect the fact that many of our students go on to study humanities and arts degrees, before embarking on an exciting variety of vocations.

Politics students are well supported in tackling the academic curriculum, particularly through the online resources we have access to. These include The Financial Times, The Week, and Politics Review. All students also have a subscription to Prechewed Politics, a dedicated online platform that links contemporary case-studies to the A-Level syllabus in an accessible way.

Beyond the classroom, our students have launched Berkhamsted’s own current affairs blog, The Cross Bencher, which brings you a round-up of all things newsworthy. To complement articles published on the site, students involved have gone on to present their ideas on key topics at the school’s Crawford Society, as well as in Senior School assemblies.

The department hosts half-termly film evenings, screening a range of titles that are relevant to the A-Level course. Students are encouraged to read widely beyond contact hours, and we hold frequent debates, both informally in lessons and after-school in a Question Time style format. Those looking to demonstrate their academic potential to universities are well supported in essay writing competitions, such as the Cambridge RA Butler Prize. Furthermore, the department has selected several students to attend the Young Political Leaders Programme hosted by UCL.

In the Sixth Form, the Politics enrichment opportunities are designed to enhance your A-Level studies, prepare you for university, and empower you for your working life beyond education. We look forward to seeing you in Year 12!

‘A fantastic course taught with passion in a dynamic way by the teachers.’

‘The Politics Department has been the best of any of my subjects in their use of OneNote, which I have found extremely helpful for my way of learning.’

‘The course was a perfect balance between the three main topics and lessons are always taught in an engaging way.’

‘I’ve most enjoyed exploring modern examples from the news and applying them to what we are learning about in the classroom.’

‘While it was a little tough at the start, it was easy to take on board feedback and improve.’

‘I was slightly sceptical about taking politics at the beginning of Year 12, but it has completely taken me by surprise, and I have found the course very engaging and interesting. It is nice to learn a new subject that I did not have the opportunity to study at GCSE level. I particularly like how I am able to take part in class discussions and debates and utilise current examples from the news in my work.’

‘The Class OneNote had loads of amazing resources that have really helped me over the course of Year 12, especially with regards to revision and exam technique.’

‘Feedback from exam-style questions I have done has always been in-depth and precise. This has been useful when I come to review my work, as I know what to change to achieve higher marks in both class-based work and tests.’

‘I feel that the online streamed lessons have been working very well, with the screen sharing function making the lesson resources very easy to follow. I have also really enjoyed the smaller group calls where we get to collaborate with peers.’

‘The thing I have enjoyed most about studying A-Level Politics is learning a completely new subject which I now want to study at university.’

Link to our Politics Promotional Video including interviews with students: https://video.berkhamsted.com/View.aspx?id=7860~4v~6fmSEM77&msauth=1