What makes you tick?

Many people, when they hear the word Psychology, think of mental disorder and abnormal behaviour, but Psychologists are not only concerned with extremes of behaviour. Many Psychologists investigate very ordinary everyday behaviour such as child rearing, memory, socialisation and relationships. Our enrichment opportunities aim to tap into this fundamental and fascinating question: “what makes us all tick?”

Have you ever wondered how and why the government chose this message to communicate to the public during the Covd-19 health emergency? Simple, if you know about Psychology.

Research in Psychology shows that you have a maximum capacity of about seven things that can be stored in your short-term memory at any one time. So that’s seven numbers, seven faces, seven symbols or seven words! Any more and they’ll be forgotten. Make sense now? So if you want your message to have impact. You know what to do!

Psychology is the scientific study of how the mind works, what the brain’s up to and which behaviours are produced and ultimately what motivates all of us to do the things we do. It allows us to describe, then understand, then Enrichment in Psychology is all around us in the media and in the news. So our enrichment opportunities are not a one-off event but a integral part of our teaching methodology – making links between the abstract and the relatable.

Enrichment Conferences  

In years 12 and 13, students will attend an exciting conference called Psychology in Action: the Power of the Mind. This fantastic enrichment opportunity includes five lectures on a wide range of the very latest psychological theories and ideas. Each one will help students to realise their own potential and also discover the impact that psychology can have on the world.   Psych Day

Social Sciences Film Club 

Throughout the year, a dedicated Social Sciences Film Club is offered as part of the co-curricular programme, primarily aimed at students in years 12-13 who are studying Psychology and/or Sociology. As a budding psychologist you can nurture your love of the subject and dip into the classics like ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ to more contemporary offerings like ‘Inside out’. Class discussions then allow students the time and space to get ‘under the skin’ of complex human behaviours.

“Psychology at A level is a very enjoyable and interesting subject, where you have the opportunity to learn about the differences in people’s behaviour and why these differences exist…… the combination of working independently as well as group experiments …. provided different styles of learning throughout the course”. Sixth form pupil

Psychology Club 

Weekly meetings will offer students the opportunity to enrich their understanding of psychological themes and ideas and stimulate intellectual curiosity in the human condition. Analysing psychology related books, both fiction and non-fiction in Book Group, considering the portrayal of psychology in the media and watching pertinent documentaries on issues such as addiction, are all activities which will be covered in Psychology Club.

Psychology speakers

Every year we aim to invite psychologists, working across a wide variety of fields, to the school to speak to our A level students and conduct workshops, which will give pupils an insight into the way psychologists work.