Computer Science

Come and explore the exciting new opportunities in the newly formed Computer Science department where creativity, logic and problem solving collide. Join the digital revolution and learn to code. We will be running monthly coding challenges, delivering workshops and taking part in various events throughout the year.

Monthly Coding Challenges:

Watch out for the coding challenges that will be sent out on Firefly, these will help challenge you and develop your coding skills – all I the name of improving your understanding of how to write code. If you have never written in Python don’t worry, we have a group of KS5 computer science students who are on hand to mentor you!

Year 12 trip to The National Museum of Computing:

Home to Colossus (arguably the world’s first programable electronic computer) and situated next to the Home of Code breaking at Bletchley Park, you will attend a day of workshops improving computational thinking and looking into the history of computing and how computers have developed from taking over whole buildings to the modern day powerful miniaturised devices we carry around in our pockets.

British Informatics Olympiad

The British Informatics Olympiad (BIO) is an annual competition in computer programming with the chance to win prizes including an expenses-paid trip to the prestigious International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). Workshops will run in the build up to this to enable you to hone your skills and make you competition ready.

Bebras Challenges:

​Run by Oxford University the Bebras challenges are made of a set of short problems, the tasks are fun, engaging and based on problems that Computer Scientists often meet and enjoy solving. The tasks can be solved without prior knowledge but instead require logical thinking. The top 10% of students taking part will be invited to compete the in prestigious TCS Oxford challenge.

KS3 Trip to Bletchley Park

A joint trip between the computer science department and the History department to Bletchley park. Come join us as we discover one of the most secretive places during WWII and arguably one of the most pivotal places in the history of computing. Here you will take part in a code breaking challenge as well as getting to see the Bombe in action.