Physical Education presents us with an opportunity to better understand our world, where people are increasingly becoming more sedentary, but the sport and exercise industry grows annually. It gives pupils the initial but essential insight into an industry which could combine a career with their passion.

As a result of the growing interest in the field of sport, there are an insurmountable number of high-quality books, podcasts, documentaries and films that provide an amazing insight into the field of sport and exercise. Pupils are exposed to a number of these within lessons and encouraged to explore more in depth outside the classroom. These vary in content and pupils are encouraged to explore the fields they find most interesting, whether that is fitness, sport psychology, sports related business or any other avenue.

In Sixth Form pupils have the opportunity to attend two field trips. The first is a day trip to Twickenham and then Wimbledon, during the day pupils explore the history of these iconic venues and hear more about the commercial enterprise that they now are. In Upper Sixth the pupils attend Bath University, where they are able to experience life as a Sport Science student. They have the opportunity to attend a number of seminars and then have an extended laboratory session, where they can use equipment that cannot be found in many places around the UK.

There are also a number of other trips that are planned through the PE department but attended independently by the pupils. Firstly, the annual Women in Sport Conference designed to support young females as they kick off their careers within the sports industry. Secondly, the Inspiring Minds Course at Loughborough University, where the pupils have the opportunity to attend their choice of example lectures from the Sport, Exercise and Health Science department, hear from some of the sports graduates and take a tour of the stunning 440 acre campus and facilities.


“I have now been to the two leading Universities for sport science in the country and am confident that my choice of doing sport science at University is the right one.”

“There is so many enrichment opportunities available in sport and have loved exploring the ones provided by the PE department over the last two years”

“The trip to Wimbledon and Twickenham really opened my eyes to the opportunities available in the sports industry”