Modern Languages Activities

Our very own Languages ‘Read Fest’ is open to all students in all languages from Years 7-13 where students get to study in-depth various texts of poetry and prose in the target language in class. This then culminates in an inter class competition followed by a closely contested soirée final. A host of prizes are on offer for the lucky winners.    

Annually we celebrate the ‘European Day of Languages’ on 26th September focusing on a different European country each year. You will be involved in a range of carousel activities across the school to further enable your global awareness.   

French and Spanish plays: Every year performing theatre companies from France and Spain come to the school to perform a short comedic play for Years 9-11. Featuring vocabulary that students have mostly encountered in class, these plays are always interactive to encourage students to get involved and have fun with language!  

The ‘Biannual Languages Conference’ is an exciting opportunity for you in Years 9-13, to gain an insight into the importance of language learning in the modern world and how languages can enhance career opportunities. Speakers have included representatives from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, GCHQ and universities such as SOAS and Imperial College, as well as former students currently studying Modern Languages at university. There is also a workshop where you can learn some basic skills in languages that are not commonly taught in the UK. 

We also host the following events: 

In the Department, you will have the opportunity to take part in an array of exciting trips:   

In Year 9, you have the opportunity to attend the French trip to Maison Claire Fontaine, a language and activity centre in Burgundy. You will be able to take part in many fun activities from high ropes and mosaic to cooking and archery whilst improving your confidence in French! You will also get to visit the beautiful city of Dijon, take part in games and competitions and eat lots of nice French food. This is a fantastic opportunity to visit France in preparation for the IGCSE course! 

Other events and opportunities include:  

If you fancy a slightly different type of work experience why not improve your language skills and job prospects by working abroad? We encourage our A-level language students to spend as much time as possible in France and Spain, and a great opportunity for this is during Y12 work experience week, which takes place in June. Several of our students have arranged fantastic work placements in various parts of the country whose language they are studying and have improved their proficiency and confidence in their spoken French/ Spanish as a result. While all work experience is arranged independently by the students, we can offer advice and support in arranging overseas work placements. One student who spent his work experience week in France in 2019 says the following:   

We would highly recommend the work and study programme with Halsbury travel as a great opportunity for linguistic and cultural immersion. Interacting with native speakers in the workplace means your oral skills and confidence will improve, ensuring you’re well-prepared for this key part of the A level course. The level-appropriate language lessons not only ensure your grammar and listening skills are solid but also allow you to meet other people from diverse countries in a fun and international environment.’

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